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Technical translation documents“Esperanto” Translation Agency also specializes in the translation of technical texts, scientific and technical documentation.  Translations that fall under this category are carried out by skilled translators who specialize in technical subjects, as it‘s a translator who acts as a link in the process of scientific and technical information exchange.                                          Nowadays technical translations are very popular so our specialists prove their proficiency in translating texts of varying fields of expertise.

What is a technical translation?

A so-called formal logical style is in the basis of technical translation. Peculiarity of the style consists in its accuracy. It’s unemotional, abundant with all kinds of terms.

Technical or scientific technical translation implicates handling technical texts that requires not only excellent language skills, but also good knowledge of specialized terminology in different fields of engineering. Indeed, low-quality technical translations (Kharkov) can lead to the worst consequences.

Features of a technical text

  • variety of specialized terms, frequently with more than one value, special vocabulary;
  • unemotional, logical consistency and accuracy;
  • requires a special approach and knowledge in different fields of technology.

A technical translator should

  • use guides and manuals and specific literature;
  • be familiar with different areas of technical translation;
  • be able to apply knowledge of specific terminology in target and original languages;
  • have linguistic and technical education.

 The specialists of our agency translate:

  • instructions and user guides;
  • tender documents and drawings;
  • technical specifications and conditions;

If you wish to order an urgent translation, we are happy to get down to your project and do the work within the stipulated time frame. The most experienced translators will work with your texts and perform the translation with minimal time spent.

As a rule, the translation of technical materials is provided by several experts. For example, the draft is made by a specialist with appropriate depth of knowledge in the particular field. Then the result of this work is transmitted to a linguist for editing and proofreading. The work can be organized in a different way: first, we get the translation from a professional translator, and then give it to a specialist for editing the terminology. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality translation, both in terms of linguistics, and in terms of technical expertise.


Our agency is aware of the specificity and complexity of technical translations. Be assured, we guarantee rigorous control to deliver maximum quality and precision.

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