Medical translation

Translation of medical texts is regarded as one of the translation types being in the highest demand in the sphere of translations. This line of translations includes a vast amount of various medical documents. Currently, medicine rapidly advances, which creates a demand for high-quality translation of manuals for medical equipment, laboratory equipment, new medicaments and various scientific articles. This sphere of translations does not accept any errors.
Medical texts include a large number of special medical terms and abbreviations. Moreover, names of medicaments and/or medical notions may be translated in different ways, depending on any involved country and language. Besides, medical texts are always full of words borrowed from the Latin language. Such words may be names of microorganisms, and/or chemical substances, which imposes an additional requirement on a translator’s scope of knowledge.

Specifics of medical translation

Health is undoubtedly the most precious value in our life. So, our primary task is to take care of our health. However, the technologies and equipment applied in the Ukrainian medicine often fall far behind the established requirements, which, in turn, created a demand for foreign developments, and so, for medical translations.
Translation of Medical Documents is a matter of particular responsibility. The translator is confronted with a set of difficult task whose proper execution is directly related to continuance of lives of many people. The translator is supposed to skillfully combine medical knowledge and linguistic expertise.
The basic difficulties occurring from medical translations include:
  • Abundance of medical terminology (generally, of Latin origin);
  • Abundance of medical terms and abbreviations;
  • Unreadability (or, poor readability) of hand-written medical texts.
Medical translations are not simply difficult, but also feature a number of peculiarities. Therefore, a translator unknowledgeable in the sphere of medicine would most likely be of no help in doing medical translations. On the other hand, an expert specialist perfectly knowledgeable in a particular branch of medicine would never do any medical translation without proper knowledge in a foreign language.
We at the Bureau are fully aware of the great responsibility imposed on translators. So, we only involve translators that specialize in particular fields and branches of medicine. As a rule, such persons are not only knowledgeable in a foreign language, but also practice in one of medical fields.
The requirements to a translator of medical texts include:
  • (As least) basic knowledge in medicine;
  • Easy use of medical literature and specialized reference sources;
  • Knowledge of Latin;
  • Complete understanding of text.

Detailed below are some of medical translation types:

  • Patient records, case records, opinions;
  • Scientific medical articles;
  • Leaflets for medical drugs;
  • Manuals for laboratory equipment;
  • Reference books.


We at the Bureau are fully aware of the consequences that may occur from a poor medical translation. So, we use all measures to promptly and steadily develop in the sphere of medical translations. To date, our professional translators and editors have accumulated a vast scope of knowledge and experience in doing high-quality translations of medical texts.
Medical translation

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