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Legal translation documentsTranslation of legal documents is one of subject areas of "Esperanto". We are engaged in translation of legal, business and personal documents. This service is in great demand, both among individuals and corporate customers. That is quite natural: the international relations are gradually moving to a new level of development, so any documentation should be literate in terms of law. Translation of personal documents is topical when you need to complete a purchase, get an education, marry or take other similar actions abroad. Translation of legal materials is required in case of international trial. We translate legal claims, testimonies, judicial decisions, etc.

Translation of business documents is needed by the companies whose activities are beyond the native country.

You can order translation of all these documents and get a quick and high-quality result.

Translation of legal documents: specifics

In terms of complexity, legal translation can be put on equal footing with medical translation. Such translation require much time and effort, as they present special challenges to translators. Texts of legal documents include social and political characteristics of the country and are full of special legal terms and phrases, references to laws, etc. In order to deliver the exact content of the legal language, knowledge in the field of law is required. InKharkov, translators of legal documents tend to have a law degree, as consequences of the incorrect translation of a legal document, for example, bringing a lawsuit, could be disastrous.

The difficulties of legal translation

When dealing with legal translations, the translator should always remember that:

  • the texts are full of legal terms and expressions that require special attention;
  • text may be written in one legal system and the translation is intended for a different legal system;
  • some of the language constructs of the source language are not synonyms in the target language;
  • work with special legal literature is indispensable.

Alongside with written legal translation, there is legal interpretation. Legal language has clear and precise turns of speech and rejects the inaccurate. “Esperanto” is proud of gained practice and expertise in this field of translation. We are sure we will pull together!

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